This is a bit of a niche post, forgive me. But it does show how a knowledge of open source techniques (particularly Python) can get you out of many a sticky situation.

I recently helped implement SAP BW/4HANA at a local subsidiary of a Tier 1 global retailer. This was completed with the assistance of a 3rd Party testing team. They were not an SAP shop and had high expectations for how the documentation would be completed as an input to their testing activities.

We decided to use the self-generated documentation in SAP BW/4HANA to document our data flows and…

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I’m on a project to implement SAP S4/HANA, and before Xmas I received a request from a member of the business to fully automate the processing of vendor invoices.

The business representative in question is new to SAP and the concepts of ERP solutions. So I explained all of the benefits of an integrated enterprise-wide solution, how the financial accounts are posted to automatically when performing operational tasks and how the integrated analytics provide real time insights. He was excited by all of that but was also eager to explore the automation of capturing vendor invoices, in other words without…

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I work a lot with the SAP HANA database, and I write hobby code in Python. This week I had the opportunity to bring the best of these 2 worlds together to create a simple Python app that helps me keep tabs on the health of our SAP HANA database.

If you have ever needed to run health checks on your SAP HANA database you will have come across SAP Note 1969700: Statement Collection for SAP HANA. It contains a set of individual SQL statements, prepared by SAP for analyzing SAP HANA databases. …

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(because life’s too short to waste it on manual tasks)

This post will guide you to extract specific attributes of calendar entries stored in Outlook, group them by date and download the result to a .csv file.

My current project requires us to account for what meetings we attended each day, and I use this code to help me prepare my project timesheets. Maybe it helps you too.

I’ll show you how to do the following:

  1. Use win32com.client to access your local outlook calendar
  2. Filter the appointments collection to a specified date range
  3. Extract specific attributes
  4. Group the results by…

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(because life’s too short to waste time on manual tasks)

This post will guide you through how to use a Python script to classify entries in a Jira Activity Stream, and group them by date and category.

My current project requires developers to account for what Issues they have worked on each day, and I use this code to help me prepare my project timesheets

I’ll show you how to do each of the following:

  1. Use Requests with authentication and certificates to gain programmatic access to the Jira Activity Stream
  2. Navigate an RSS feed with BeautifulSoup
  3. Extract elements from an…

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